Who we are


We Offer: 
  • Certified teachers with classroom experience

  • Special Education Tutoring

  • Regular Education Tutoring

  • We now offer in home tutoring for grades K - 5 by a regular education teacher

  • Life Skills for students with ADHD and other disabilities

  • Lesson plans that will meet your child's specific needs

  • Support for parents that includes:

    • IEP reviews

    • Advocacy during IEP meetings

    • Teacher Collaboration


Pictures of our new home!Less

Pictures of our new home!

How We Are Different

Not only do we offer the traditional tutoring services, we go beyond homework help! We can assess how your child learns and approach your child with his/her individual learning style. 

*We teach classroom skills

*Concentration skills

*Organization skills

*Discouragement resiliency

*And more....

We take it a step further with an IEP review. We can assist your child to meet their IEP goals, and your child's case manager in determining those goals. We can provide suggested questions for the parent to ask at IEP meetings, and we can attend meetings to offer support to parents. 

We can take it even further by collaborating with a play therapist specialized to help your child with emotional, behavioral, and anxiety concerns. We work with counselors to create a holistic plan, so your child goes from anger, discouragement, and resistance to confident and accomplished.

We are unique in that all of our tutors are certified teachers with classroom experience .

Call us to see how we can help your child.




Special Education Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring by a certified teacher for students Kindergarten through 12th grade. Services can include students with or without an IEP. We have extensive experience helping children with special needs thrive.



Regular Education Tutoring

Nothing is more frustrating than the battle of homework when you would rather spend quality time with your child. We are experienced in teaching all subjects and have extensive experience to help your child succeed.



IEP Support

We can assist in helping your child master their IEP goals!  We are also open to working with  your child’s case manager, collaboratively as a team to help your child succeed. 

- This service has grown into parents requesting our input before and during IEP meetings. 



Home School Education Assistance 

Weekly assistance for special or regular ED children who are homeschooled. All subjects offered. Helping parents to teach the subjects they themselves struggle with. Obtaining homeschool assistance is more cost effective and personal than resorting to private school.



In Home

We now offer in home tutoring by a certified regular education teacher. Karla is certified K-5th grade and can serve Forsyth County Schools as well as Alpharetta and Johns Creek.



Georgia Milestones 

Concerned with your child taking their next Georgia standardized tests? We have experience helping children prepare and take Georgia standardized tests. Teachers as Tutors has the personal experience to know what areas to work on, so that your child's true knowledge can be demonstrated.


what people are saying

“Lori Spencer has been an outstanding tutor to my child. As he began 3rd grade and came under her instruction, Hammond was behind academically and in need of significant support to close the educational gap. Lori took the time to get to know him personally and developed a teaching strategy that built upon his successes, addressed his challenges and met his individual educational needs. I noticed a significant improvement in Hammond’s academic performance within about a month of working with Lori. Most importantly, she helped Hammond develop an enthusiasm for learning by making the process fun. She cares about him on both an academic and personal level. Hammond LOVES school now AND Ms. Lori! I am so pleased with the progress Lori has helped Hammond make and the work ethic she is helping him build. Her impact in his life is immeasurable and I am so thankful for her support.”

Avery Parker

Our Mission


Every child can thrive

Every child has potential, has their unique intelligence, and gifts to thrive. We specialize in helping children thrive that are in regular education or have: ADHD, cognitive delays, learning disabilities, Autism, or developmental delays. Our services range from the standard after school tutoring, to summer curriculum, to home school education assistance. We are passionate about helping each child meet their full potential. Each child will get the one-on-one attention they deserve and will feel accepted as they grow.

Empowering Parents

Are you feeling unsure on how to help your child? Not sure if what you have tried is helping or hurting? Teachers as Tutors helps parents to understand how their child learns. Empowering you as parents can make talking about school or helping with homework become a bonding time rather than a struggle. When a child struggles in school it can hurt his/her self-esteem ultimately making them want to stop trying. We empower parents and empower children to face challenges together and foster self confidence. Call to find  how we can help you and your child thrive together.


Celebrating All Children

Here we celebrate all children. We do not see a disability, we see your child. Every child has potential, we help each child tap into their natural ability to thrive. Every child has a unique intelligence. The potential for each child is very different, so we meet each family and child where they are and create a tutoring or homeschooling plan that is independently tailored for you. We will review the IEP and assist your child to meet his/her goals.

We Can Help With...

Teachers as Tutors Regular Education
fand Assist with test preparation
  • Math

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Study and organization skills

  • Test Prep, and anxiety prep

  • Helping parents teach their children at home

Teachers as Tutors Special Education
IEPs, Mental Deficits, developmental disabilities, aDHD,
Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delay
  • Math

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • IEP Skills

  • Executive Functioning

  • Classroom focus skills

  • Respect for authority

Does your child need extra help?
counseling services

Is your child struggling with anxiety, low self esteem, or behavior struggles? Teachers as Tutors Teachers as Tutors works closely with Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling for Children and Adults- who offer counseling services. Lori can collaborate with your counselor to give your child collaborative treatment. To learn more about their services visit:

www.JCACounseling.com or call 404-834-2363

• Play Therapy, Child Counseling

• Parenting Support

• Family Therapy (sibling, parent/child, whole family)

• Couple's Therapy

• Individual Counseling

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