IEP Supports:

At Teachers as Tutors Tutoring all of our tutors were IEP casemanagers at one time, and have vast experience at writing IEP's. We have taken the information from student's Pscyhological Reports and developed an IEP plan with parents, to help their children succeed. All of our teachers are certified teachers, like your child's casemanager in your school.

Experience during IEP Meetings:

A service we can provide is going into the meeting as an IEP member. We can help you walk through the meeting page by page to be sure all services and accommodations are covered. We can also be in your court / on your side and will ask questions that will not intimidate the school staff, but will hel...

Do you feel you have hit a road block in helping your home school student?Sometimes the parent and the student just need a break from one another!

Do you feel you have hit a road block in helping your home school student?Sometimes the parent and the student just need a break from one another! Let Teachers as Tutors help by working with one or two subjects with your child on a weekly basis.

We are less expensive than private school, and one of our teachers can possibly help your child finally "get"a difficult concept by just being a different voice! We can come to your home or you can visit our office in Alpharetta.

Executive Functioning

Children may need help with academics such as math or reading. However, many children may not have a problem understanding the concepts in these subjects, but struggle with the mechanics that make children successful in the classroom.

Executive Functioning deficits can manifest itself in many ways in a child's life. Some of these areas are: listening skills, inability to inhibit impulsive behaviors, inability to stay in one's seat, turn-taking behaviors, completing classwork, or simple organization of school tools.

Teachers as Tutors works with students to develop the skills that some may not come by naturally. Some students need to be taught or retrained to use these higher functioning skills...

When Homework Becomes A Nightmare


What may take one student 20 minutes to complete an assignment may take another student hours. For the struggling student and their parents, homework time can seem like a nightmare. Homework is meant to enrich the lesson that was taught at school. Math homework should be a time to practice skills, and help students become more fluent in mathematical operations. However, just the very thought of homework time can seem too overwhelming, causing students and their parents to become anxious, and the results of what is supposed to be learning; becomes calamity. Then the student gets into the habit of just getting this time over with instead of what he can learn.

I like solutions to problems! Her...

Teachers as Tutors now tutors through high school!

Teachers as Tutors are more than just college students or your neighbor down the street. All of our tutors are certified teachers with classroom experience. We offer tutoring from Kindergarden through high school. Sue Holder retired from teaching regular education and special education students in high school this past school year, and has just joined our team. She loves to tutur children of all ages, but Sue can also tutor students through high school. We are very excited to offer this service to our clients. Further, she has vast experience writing and implimenting IEP's.

Michelle, Sue, and I all have extensive classroom experience and have first hand knowledge of the current curriculum. We...

Does Your Child Read for Pleasure?

October will be here soon. Did you know that National Book Month is held each October? This month - long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing, and literature. It's a great time to encourage your child to read something for fun.

Why is reading important? According to research, reading helps improve comprehension and vocabulary skills. Reading also helps to develop stronger social skills, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Books can teach children valuable lessons about considering other people's feelings, as well seeing things from another perspecitve. Books have a way of making you feel part of the story, and then reeling you in with the characters. Not only can this improve ...

Grow in knowledge, grow in ability, and grow in confidence!

Grow in knowledge, grow in ability, and grow in confidence!

As I was working with a student the other day, I realized how much fun I was having! This student has such a joy in his smile when he figures something out! His tutoring appointment is later in the evening, so he seems so tired when he arrives, but when we start working, I can see his energy level rise more and more as he enjoys the new things he is learning.

I have often found that it is much better

to work with one-child-at-a-time. They get what they need and you can truly individualize the lesson to suit his or her needs. From the specific type of curriculum to the teaching style that best suits their personalities. I enjoy figuring...

Is Your Tutor Qualified?


It is so tough when you child is struggling with school. As a parent it is heart breaking to see someone you love so much... struggle with something so essential as education. You want to help them, however not every tutor is created equal: You can choose from: older students, college students, and regular education teachers. However, if your child has special needs, such as an IEP, diagnosis of Anxiety, ADHD, Learning Disability, Cognitive Deficits, Autism,

or any other disability- You need a tutor qualified to work with special education. It is essential to have a tutor with training and experience in special education.

When you see your child struggle, you want them to get help now! Howev...

Multiple Intelligence

I believe all students have strengths that makes them brilliant! A student may have a learning deficits in math, but is a very talented artist. The student gifted in math and the student gifted in art are both geniuses' in their own way! I look forward to helping your child find his/her strengths and helping them to develop them to success! I will also remind your child when he/she becomes discouraged in an area of weakness that they are very talented in their individual strength.

Through the years I taught, I challenged students to improve their personal best rather than judging their ability by how other students perform. If a student improves his reading ability, it's a time for celebratio...

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