Facilitated Peer Support Group for Parents that have Children with Disabilities

Our Facilitator:

Lori Spencer is a mom with a child that was diagnosed with a disability 18 years ago. She understands the fears and uncertainty parents goes through to help their child excel within their disability.

Lori has facilitated many support groups with the goal that everyone will have a chance to share equally and that feedback from others will be solution driven. You will not only feel supported by peers, but experiences will be shared, so you will feel you have options to help your child.

Lori is also a certified special education teacher that taught school for 19 years. She taught a self-contained classroom for 8 years for children with mild and moderate disabilities. She was not...

IEP Support and Advocacy

Struggling with navigating through the system to help your child with an IEP? We are certified special education teachers that worked in public schools for many years. We have written and implimented many IEP's. We know the system, and can help guide you along the way. Call us at 404-542-2795


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From LaDonna Cohen, an Occupational Therapist...

As we are sheltering in place, here are some sensory activities that can help you. They are fun and can address sensory needs for you and your child. I wish you and yours good health.

  • Wall Push-Ups: Tape hands, bunny paws, or dog paws on the wall at child's shoulder height. Have your child do push-ups on the wall where the items are. 10 times is agood number or more if your child wants. Your child can also hop and/or skip over to the paws or hands before doing push-ups.

  • Rubber Bands: Your child can wrap rubber bands around plastic eggs, tennis balls, or paper rolls. After wraping around the objects, have the child pull objects apart. This will provide resistance to the fingers and hands.

  • Hop Sc...


IEP Supports:

At Teachers as Tutors Tutoring all of our tutors were IEP casemanagers at one time, and have vast experience at writing IEP's. We have taken the information from student's Pscyhological Reports and developed an IEP plan with parents, to help their children succeed. All of our teachers are certified teachers, like your child's casemanager in your school.

Experience during IEP Meetings:

A service we can provide is going into the meeting as an IEP member. We can help you walk through the meeting page by page to be sure all services and accommodations are covered. We can also be in your court / on your side and will ask questions that will not intimidate the school staff, but will hel...

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