When Homework Becomes A Nightmare


What may take one student 20 minutes to complete an assignment may take another student hours. For the struggling student and their parents, homework time can seem like a nightmare. Homework is meant to enrich the lesson that was taught at school. Math homework should be a time to practice skills, and help students become more fluent in mathematical operations. However, just the very thought of homework time can seem too overwhelming, causing students and their parents to become anxious, and the results of what is supposed to be learning; becomes calamity. Then the student gets into the habit of just getting this time over with instead of what he can learn.

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Does Your Child Read for Pleasure?

October will be here soon. Did you know that National Book Month is held each October? This month - long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing, and literature. It's a great time to encourage your child to read something for fun.

Why is reading important? According to research, reading helps improve comprehension and vocabulary skills. Reading also helps to develop stronger social skills, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Books can teach children valuable lessons about considering other people's feelings, as well seeing things from another perspecitve. Books have a way of making you feel part of the story, and then reeling you in with the characters. Not only can this improve ...

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